KD-001-2020Overview animation with all the lecturers we accompanied during season 14
KD-002-2020Vinyl front cover for the Lounge Supporter Club DJ session on YouTube Live
KD-003-2020Vinyl back cover featuring all the DJs for our LSC fundraising livestream
KD-004-2020Vinyl side A with old school tapes and hand written keywords
KD-005-2020Rotating vinyl simulating a record player; part of the LSC announcement
KD-006-2020LSC shirts for the KD—Lounge season 14 funded by selling merchandise
KD-007-2020Closeups of the Lounge Supporter Club shirt by the lake
KD-008-2020Analog poster for the first Lounge with Dailydialogue and Michael Clasen
KD-009-2020Second poster for the Lounge with Johann Burai from Sweden
KD-010-2020All six poster for season 14; the lectures were held via YouTube livestream
KD-011-2020Closeup of the analog layered poster we scanned and preserved for each lounge
KD-012-2020Interactive poster on the KD–Lounge website using mouse input and layers
KD-013-2020Interactive poster on the KD–Lounge website using mouse input and layers
KD-014-2020KD—Lounge archive website we developed and designed for all seasons since 2012
WU-001-2019Overview Animation for the Wu Tang Clan Special Edition
WU-002-2019Collectors Box made from black and yellow acrylic glas
WU-003-2019Drag the yellow acrylic to open the box
WU-004-2019All nine tapes in the laser-cut fabric
WU-005-2019Stack of all nine tapes; each representing one member and album
WU-006-2019Translucent tape case with the album name and the tracklist
WU-007-2019Booklet walkthrough; showcasing nicknames, verses and quotes
WU-008-2019Booklet inlay for each of the nine tapes
WU-009-2019Poster for the Special Edition featuring every album and track of the Clan
WU-010-2019T-Shirt Design for the Special Edition
WU-011-2019Front Shirt Print and tote bags for the Special Edition
SN-001-2018Front and back cover of the Sneaker Guide Book; 2 chapters 18 articles
SN-002-2018Page showcase of different layouts with the 3D renderings
SN-003-2018Closeup through the transparent acrylic Sneakerbox showcasing the book
SN-004-2018Transparent Sneakerbox with the Sneaker Guide branding and pattern
SN-005-2018Layout for the chapter beginning with the title, year and chapter overview
SN-006-2018Layout for the introductory text with a small rendering
SN-007-2018Layout for the chapter closing text with a negative full bleed rendering
SN-008-2018Animated transition from the normal texture to the transparent texture "AJ1"
SN-009-2018Two sneaker renderings showcasing the abstract approach of the visuals
SN-010-2018Example for a beginning of a chapter with the title, year and chapter overview
SN-011-2018Article text layout with an abstract rendering
SN-012-2018Two pages 3D rendering of a sneaker
SN-013-2018Closeup of the chapter numbers on cover
MP-001-2019Corporate Identity animation; showcasing the new logo, colors and values
MP-002-2019CI Workbook for the new m-pesa branding with the slogan on the first page
MP-003-2019Workbook spread with the new m-pesa info-poster
MP-004-2019Workbook spread showcasing the new m-pesa App with e-payment
MP-005-2019Poster introducing m-pesa with it’s features and advantages
MP-006-2019Application overview of your latest transactions (M-Spendings)
MP-007-2019Transaction screen where the user can easily transfer money through the app
MP-008-2019Story Flyer one telling Jehinda’s story from Kenia
MP-009-2019Story Flyer two telling Felista’s story from Tanzania
MP-010-2019Story Flyer three telling Patrick’s story from Kenia
MP-011-2019Story Flyer four telling Mary’s story from Kenia
MP-012-2019Perforated flyer with the metaphorical transfer slip
MP-013-2019Workbook overview from chapter 01 to 09
MP-014-2019Workbook overview from chapter 10 to 12
UG-001-2020Folder closeup of upper and lowercase „A“ and „O“ letters in 470pt.
UG-002-2020Animation showcasing the main latin letters in upper and lowercase 600pt.
UG-003-2020Sheet showcasing all accented characters of the Unknown Grotesk typeface
UG-004-2020Glyphs excerpt of the curve tension in different round glyphs
UG-005-2020Folder closeup with the uppercase, lowercase, ligatures and figures
UG-006-2020Folder closeup with the punctuation, tabular figures and symbols
UG-007-2020Glyphs excerpt of „Hubert and Staller“ TV show from Germany
UG-008-2020Glyphs example of the Action Bronson album „Only for dolphins“
UG-009-2020Unknown Grotesk example from 75pt. to 12pt.
UG-010-2020Example text from the live from the moon radio show in 60pt.
UG-011-2020Negative Glyphs excerpt of lowercase letters a to j showing the spacing
FD-001-2019Video how the Font Detector works and how it detects the scanned font
FD-002-2019First screen after the user scanned the font; Information, Specimen, Download
FD-003-2019Coding excerpt from the App development 1
FD-004-2019Coding excerpt from the App development 2
LB-001-2020Eye Tracking using your smartphone front camera
LB-002-2020Using javascript to detect your right hand and interpolate
LB-003-2018Using javascript to move elememts with your hand
LB-004-2019Using smartphone devicemotion to modify variable fonts
LB-005-2020The mouse input changes the layers of the poster
LB-006-2020Workshop website for Studio LOB using 3D scans of the objects
LB-007-2020KD—Lounge archive website to store all the posters for each lecture
LB-008-2020Online shop for LSC where you can pay with creditcard or paypal
LB-009-2019Using javascript to make a sound reactive blur effect